Logistics, Simplified

In a professional kitchen environment, poorly timed deliveries and installations aren't just a nuisance—they are a safety hazard and potentially a business risk. 

To eliminate those problems for Facility Managers, we offer warehouse space that is available for receiving and temporarily holding new equipment or furnishings. When the shipments arrive, we coordinate a timely delivery and installation with the restaurant operator to minimize any downtime or other inconveniences. 

What We Offer

  • Receiving capability, so orders never show up at the restaurant and create a logistics or safety problem
  • 7500 square feet of warehouse space in our Gaithersburg facility
  • Delivery and installation including plumbers and electricians, if required
  • Disposal of old equipment

Why Customers Stick with Us

  • Reputation for satisfying customer needs

  • Emergency technicians available off-hours

  • Expertise in serving Facility Managers' unique needs

  • Commitment to solving the problem

  • Proactive and timely communication