Our Mission

As a Facility Manager you play a critical role in the restaurant business, from managing high-risk renovation projects to stewarding the quality of atmosphere guests experience between stores. We’re in the business of making you successful in that role.

That mission begins with our service line-up, which ranges from renovations to water filtration. We want to be your partner in keeping facilities in excellent condition and have carefully added new services over the years to expand on our ability to do that.

And the how of our business is just as critical, because we know the things that matter to you in a contractor. We get the job done right, especially when we make a mistake that needs correction—no excuses or run arounds. We also put enormous emphasis on proactive communication, whether that’s in the setup of a job or the follow-up quality assurance phase. Two decades of partnership has taught us how important that is to Facility Managers and we’ve made it a hallmark of our customer service.

Our History

Andy Tvardzik and David Dassoulas founded Hope Builders in 1994. Many found the name strange. To us, it was and is an honest reflection of our optimistic perspective in the midst of an often-cynical industry. Hope is our ability to aspire for something better, and we believe that’s exactly what Facility Managers should do in their choice of a contractor. Believe that better service and communication is possible. Believe that there can be consistently good outcomes even in a line of work where mistakes are inevitable along the way.

To learn more, you can read about our name and philosophy.